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Persistent Logins to intelligentgolf


One of the things that we have been asked for over quite a long period is so that members don't get logged out.  Intelligentgolf has always used a browser session so that you remain logged in for as long as you keep your browser open.  This works very well, but with almost 40% of all of our traffic being from mobiles and tablets, they are finding that you need to login every day, as the way mobiles and tablets save their browsers is not quite as long lasting as desktop browsers.

For a long time we've had some capability to do this, specifically for some of our clubs that have an iphone/mobile specific interface for health & fitness class booking.  I'm pleased to say that as of this morning we have extended this out to all of our sites, so that we are able to securely track your session, even when the browser has been shut down.

There are various security features in place around this to prevent session hijacking, and to maintain the integrity of the system.

From a user perspective, nothing could be easier - when a user logs in, they are shown the normal login screen, with the tick box now changed to "Keep me logged in until I logout".  If this is ticked (and we are considering making it ticked by default for maximum simplicity), their session is saved, and can be resumed at any point.

This means that just by clicking Login (depending on your site), or by following an emailed link, if you've saved your credentials from that device, you'll be logged straight in without having to enter a password.

If you logout, your sessions will all be destroyed on that device and you will have to re-enter your details next time.

We will give this a couple of days to make sure there are no glitches, and then I will put a notice more clearly to the end users when they login so they are aware of the change of behaviour.

I hope this makes your members even happier about using the system.

4th November 2014

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