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Wednesday 24th June 2020

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Local Rules

  1. Manure - if a ball lies in contact with manure, including in a sand bunker, it may be lifted and cleaned. Relief may be taken under Rule 25-1, but relief from manure interfering with a players stance is denied.

  2. Paths & Tracks  - a ball lying inside areas defined by blue topped white posts may be lifted, cleaned and dropped no nearer the hole, No Penalty. All other tracks and paths are to be treated as an integral part of the course.

  3. Water Hazard  - Rule 26. The pond and its arms, on the 6th hole, are considered a water hazard = defined by the yellow posts.

  4. On a Putting Green  - a ball lying in or having a hoof mark, pony bite, urine burn or artificial hole cover between it and the hole may be placed as near as possible on ground which avoids these conditions, but not nearer the hole without penalty.

  5. Out of Bounds  - a ball finishing on the putting green or the surrounds of the clubhouse. On or over the hedge to the left of the 2nd hole. Beyond the inside(course side) of the marker stones on the left of the 1st, 2nd and 15th holes and to the rear of the 15th green. On or over any metalled road, except a ball being played from the Men's 1st Medal Tee.

  6. Double Green  - the 6th and 14th greens are to be played as a double green.

  7. Immovable Obstructions  - steps cut into tees and greens, shelters, all tee furniture and benches, drainage pipes and any rock painted yellow are immovable obstructions and if interference occurs, relief may be taken under Rule 24-2. Stone walls are an integral part of the course.

  8. Stones or Hoof Marks in Bunkers  - stones are moveable obstructions and relief may be taken under rule 24-1. Hoof marks are ground under repair and relief may be taken under rule 25-1.

  9. Fenced/Staked Trees and Vegetation  - if a ball comes to rest in a fenced area or a fence or staked tree interferes with play, relief may be taken under Ruler 24-2. Line of sight relief is denied.

  10. Steps in Bunkers  - if a ball comes to rest in a bunker or in a position where the steps interfere with a player's stance or area of his/her swing, relief may be obtained under Rule 24-2 by dropping the ball in a bunker.

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