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As you may have seen, our course maintenance has been completed with the recovery phase in motion. Shaun and John have itemised the various tasks which will be completed this winter and to ensure we are constantly improving our course. We have also provided an irrigation update for you all to read.

As some of you have already expressed, we will ensure to update our course status to allow you all to be informed of any work that is being carried out that particular day prior to playing. 

Winter Planned Maintenance 2022/23

Solid tine and topdressing the greens.
Use the Air 2 G2 in Feb/Mar less damage to the surface.

1st Hole

Paint sleepers and clean bricks  
Trim gorse on the old bunkers    

2nd Hole

Brick Pave the slope and build a new Winter tee
Trim Gorse around the old bunkers

3rd Hole

Heavy Hollow Core and sand the green.     

4th Hole

Tidy sleeper steps      
Trim Gorse behind the green

5th Hole

Plant Trees by the green between 2nd and 5th    
Trim Gorse by the bunker.

6th Hole

Trim Gorse around the tees   
Edge the pond                            
Trim back Gorse LHS of the green, remove the plastic matting from the pathway, turf and overseed the walkway

7th Hole

Construct a path to the rhs of the tees  
Level the Ladies tee.

8th Hole

Revet green side bunkers     
Trim Gorse

9th Hole

Level Medal Tee     

10th Hole

Level the tee and reseed   
Finish Sleeper Steps           

11th Hole

Gorse trimming

12th Hole

Fill in the RHS Bunker as you come on to the fairway

13th Hole

LHS before the green revet the bunker      
Trim Gorse on the bunkers

14th Hole

Brick pave around the bench.  

15th Hole

Plant Trees between 15 and 16

16th Hole

Trim gorse

17th Hole

Remove the plastic matting and construct a new path beside the tee

18th Hole

Trim Gorse around the tee    
Lower the approach to the green like 12&13 to remove water running onto the green.

  Irrigation Update 

This winter we will also be completing Phase One of the planned irrigation project.  Phase One includes all works within the boundaries of the Clubhouse and in particular the following: -

Refurbishment of existing borehole.
Installing new borehole.
Providing pump for course irrigation.
Associated pipework and electrical work.
Some of these works have been completed and it is anticipated that the cost of the works is grant funded and supplemented by fund raising activities largely completed.
Phase Two of the project is to provide the irrigation network to the greens outside of the boundary of the Clubhouse.  This will be a more long-term project and various grants will be applied for to achieve this work.

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