Tavistock Golf Club

Basil Steer Open

Saturday 26th August 2023, White Tees, Tavistock

(95% handicap allowance)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Jonathan Cousins(10)  Boringdon Park67
2nd James Thomas(5)  St Austell Golf Club67
3rd Keith Thompson(6)  Torquay67
4th Sebastian Scovell(10)  Worthing68
5th Richard Rowe(17)  Staddon Heights Golf Club68
6th Sam Webster(11) 69
7th Christopher Chapman(10)  Yelverton Golf Club69
8th Patrick McMahon(11) 70
9th Tom Williams(7) 70
10th Marc Sowden(4)  Elfordleigh Golf Club70
11th Alexander Scovell(9)  Worthing70
12th Gareth mitchell(3)  Staddon Heights Golf Club71
13th Tom Benney(5)  Perranporth Golf Club71
14th Gene Thompson(12) 71
15th Lewis Reid(13) 71
16th Colin A Snell(8)  The Defence Academy72
17th Adam Bridgewater(-2) 72
18th Rob Staniland(12) 72
19th John Dunn(9)  Sidmouth Golf Club72
20th Lester Francis(17) 72
21st David Bater(2)  Sidmouth Golf Club73
22nd Tom Dodd(12) 73
23rd John Snell(11)  Taunton & Pickeridge73
24th Ian Jasinskyj(7) 73
25th Len Scott(18) 73
26th Mark Taylor(6) 73
27th Lee Spiers(5) 73
28th David Axell(6) 73
29th Phil Hobbs(14) 73
30th Chris Henderson(21) 73
31st Alan Greening(17) 74
32nd Rob Sleep(12) 74
33rd John McGahey(18) 74
34th Kristian Lennard(3) 74
35th Mark Evans(2)  St Mellion Golf Club74
36th Ross Northey(15)  Yelverton Golf Club74
37th Steve Andrews(15) 75
38th James Pickard(-3)  Sidmouth Golf Club75
39th Geoff Blainer(11) 75
40th Mike Sutcliffe(7) 75
41st Rob Score(15) 75
42nd David Turnbull(-1) 75
43rd Pavle Srdanovic(7)  Teignmouth Golf Club75
44th M D Short(10)  Taunton & Pickeridge75
45th Martyn Greening(15) 75
46th Sebastian Treglown(1)  Yelverton Golf Club75
47th Peter Floyd(3) 76
48th Paul Vickers(18) 76
49th Mike Apps(10) 76
50th Alastair Jack(5)  Exeter Golf & Country Club76
51st Danny Brockington(10) 76
52nd George Hyde-Linaker(4)  St Austell Golf Club76
53rd Oliver Yarde(8)  Taunton & Pickeridge76
54th Dave Statton(25) 77
55th Keith Smallman(10)  Looe Golf Club77
56th Michael Henderson(9)  Ealing Golf Club77
57th Fraser Johnston(10)  Royal Automobile Club77
58th Richard Holmes(14)  Cricket St Thomas78
59th Steve Coomber(21)  Taunton & Pickeridge78
60th Rob Milligan(13) 78
61st Jas Singh(21) 78
62nd Stuart Allan(15) 78
63rd Paul Wilkins(9)  Tehidy Park78
64th Mike Watkin(11) 78
65th Chris Haggar(4)  Exeter Golf & Country Club78
66th Dave Symons(11) 78
67th Graham Ruth(6) 78
68th J T Chapman(12)  Yelverton Golf Club79
69th Viv Wilton(17) 79
70th Ian Gasper(15) 79
71st Kenny MacKenzie(4) 79
72nd Eoin Dunne(11)  Hadden Hill79
73rd Mike James(18) 79
74th Roy Miller(24)  Taunton & Pickeridge80
75th Mark Cottingham(2) 80
76th Daniel White(19)  Yelverton Golf Club80
77th Matt Boon(8) 80
78th Lee Bartlett(15) 80
79th Martyn Moon(7) 81
80th Paul Clahane(9) 81
81st Rodney Tucker(15) 81
82nd Mark Shakespeare(24) 81
83rd Ed Gallois(10)  Downes Crediton Golf Club82
84th Tony Cooper(23) 82
85th Warren Baker(13)  Boringdon Park82
86th Tiku Patidar(8)  Sidmouth Golf Club82
87th Gary Curtis(16)  Teignmouth Golf Club82
88th Phil Robins(6)  Chartham Park82
89th Ben Rowe(21)  St Mellion Golf Club82
90th Ray Barnes(22) 83
91st James Sowden(6)  Elfordleigh Golf Club83
92nd Mark Hannington(11)  Basset Down83
93rd Chris Stoffell(8)  Yelverton Golf Club84
94th Keith Stenhouse(19) 84
95th Robin Sutton(7)  Teignmouth Golf Club84
96th Rod Hillman(20) 85
97th Andrew Greig(16) 85
98th Barry Milligan(16) 86
99th Andy Williams(14)  Teignmouth Golf Club86
100th Paul Thompson(10) 88
101st Richard B Smith(17) 89
102nd Trevor Smith(14) 89
103rd Paul Corfield(12)  iGolf Club89
104th George Grant(10)  Greetham Valley92
105th Nigel Piddock(25) 96
106th Steve Waddell(-1)  St Austell Golf ClubNR
107th Jon Behennah(3) NR
108th Christopher Audin(0)  Warren Golf Club (Devon) Golf ClubNR
109th Alistair Johnston(7)  Bristol & Clifton Golf ClubNR
110th Andy Avens(17) NR
111th Graeme Calo(12)  Cotswold Hills Golf ClubNR
112th Clive Coate(19) NR
113th Kenneth Bones(8)  Downes Crediton Golf ClubNR
114th Adrian Bleasdale(10)  Boringdon ParkNR
115th Gary Wide(12)  Vivary ParkNR
116th John McGowan Jnr(5)  Kingsfield Golf ClubNR
117th Marc Ninnis(17) NR
118th Iain Johnston(14)  HarwoodDQ Card Not Handed In
119th Colin Rowland(7)  TorquayDQ Card Not Handed In
120th James L Thompson(1)  TorquayDQ Card not Handed In

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Course Status

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