Tavistock Golf Club

Presidents Day Stableford - Open to All Members - Roll Up

Monday 27th August 2018, Yellow & Red Tees, Tavistock

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Results PointsCSS 70 / 74
1st Andy Avens(19)43
2nd Neil Cleave(12)41
3rd Dan Harris(2)41
4th Mark Cottingham(4)40
5th Jas Singh(21)39
6th Luis Inacio(15)39
7th Mark Taylor(6)39
8th Graham Raikes(22)39
9th Stewart Ewens(5)38
10th Timothy Caufield(11)38
11th Danny Brockington(11)38
12th David Orriss(19)38
13th Richard Jones(22)38
14th Jon Behennah(5)38
15th Graham Ruth(4)37
16th Mike Wakley(8)37
17th Nicky Gawman(12)37
18th Will Caufield(3)37
19th Duwain Cottingham(11)36
20th Brett Mannering(8)36
21st Lewis Reid(15)36
22nd Stuart Allan(10)36
23rd Rick Crawford(12)36
24th Dawn Phillott(11)36
25th Harry Hopcroft(14)36
26th Mike Watkin(15)35
27th Martin Nicholas(18)35
28th Les Tocher(17)35
29th Caroline Johns(23)35
30th Mike Trevena(21)35
31st Nigel Doidge(6)35
32nd Keith Stenhouse(15)35
33rd Dan Cooper(13)35
34th Rob Milligan(19)34
35th Tom Williams(5)34
36th Phil Jury(19)34
37th Ian Thomas(13)34
38th Debs Littlejohns(25)34
39th Kerry Baker(16)34
40th Paul Mace(22)33
41st Mike Samborne(15)33
42nd Tim Hawkins(12)33
43rd Chris Johns(14)32
44th Mike Apps(7)32
45th Patrick McMahon(13)32
46th Ajay Patel(13)32
47th Doug Littlejohns(13)32
48th Lee Bartlett(15)32
49th Gareth Lovell(20)32
50th Sue Gawman(19)32
51st Richard Burrows(20)32
52nd Monty Congdon(13)32
53rd Dave Statton(18)31
54th Tony Turner(17)31
55th Viv Wilton(14)31
56th Ian Appleton(17)31
57th Robert Bryant(10)31
58th Colin Rogers(19)31
59th Lyn Swift(18)31
60th Tom Dodd(7)30
61st Dave Thomas(16)30
62nd Rob Lovell(9)30
63rd Tony Cooper(12)30
64th Jason Allen(23)30
65th Rick Read(15)30
66th Glyn Cunnick(15)29
67th Alan Greening(13)29
68th Jamie Heywood(24)29
69th Tracy Sutcliffe(20)29
70th Mike King(15)29
71st Mike Allen(23)28
72nd Ian Crichton(14)28
73rd Bridget Luckham(20)28
74th Paul Vickers(15)28
75th Simon Bridgewater(17)28
76th Mike Murray(22)28
77th Sally Hills(20)28
78th Gail Reed(21)28
79th Cameron Kenworthy(4)28
80th Michel Allen(12)28
81st Dave Symons(10)28
82nd John Foster(28)27
83rd Ken Cole(12)27
84th Stuart Orchard(25)27
85th John Skinner(14)27
86th Jane Hosking(16)27
87th Andy Furse(15)27
88th Bill Phillott(17)26
89th Jonathan Coe(15)26
90th Jackie Sealey(32)26
91st Barry Milligan(12)26
92nd Marion Stenhouse(22)26
93rd Phil Gawman(15)25
94th Helen Heywood(28)25
95th Brian Southcott(18)25
96th Chris Barrett(21)24
97th Kevin Parris(21)22
98th Simon Hill(19)22
99th Richard Wraith(19)22
100th Nicola Ormond(34)20
101st Antony Jury(21)19
102nd Bob Mitchell(31)18
103rd Gerry Keast(24)18
104th Ray Lowden(17)17
105th Jon Hosking(24)16
106th Elaine Lowden(32)12
107th Mike Beveridge(7)0
108th Robert Beveridge(10)0
109th Tracey Pavey(36)0
WD Mike Sutcliffe(10)WD

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Course Status

Course Status

Monday 11th Update - All main greens. Some bunkers still have orange stakes as GUR


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