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Winter Rainfall Figures


After the dismal 2015/16 winter, we decided to collect daily rainfall readings to give us a little more undertanding as to what was happening on the course.  Readings begin in November as this is roughly the cut of point where evapotranspiration (ET) rates hit zero. ET is the loss of water back to the atmosphere from the soil and the plant leaf. In greenkeeping terms, when ET rates are zero this means "once its wet, it stays wet", and a surface will only dry by a draw down of moisture through the soil profile, be that by natural or man made drainage.  As we move into spring we are starting to see ET rates rise again with warmer soil temperatures and increased photosynthesis.


Monthly Stats


Nov 113mm  14 days wet


Dec 66mm  15 days wet


Jan 107mm  18 days wet


Feb 131mm  20 days wet


Mar 150mm  25 days wet


Totals 567mm  92 days wet from 151 


Longest spell of rain was 13 consecutive days from Feb 25th to March 9th where we had 92mm.

Single heaviest spell was 131mm from Jan 27th to Feb 4th

Single heaviest day Feb 1st with 32mm.

Longest dry spell was 15 consecutive days Nov 23rd to Dec 7th.


Crucially in the daily statistics  are a repeating pattern of drying days between wet spells throughout Nov, Dec, Jan. This gave chance for the moisture to be drawn down away from the surface before the next rainfall, largely aided by the drainage work completed in 2015. This gave us an extended golfing season through the Christmas/New Year period and it wasn't until the more persistent wet days of February and March that we started to see a more noticeable impact on the course.


There are many measurements, statistics and reasons why a course performs how it does in winter, and rainfall is just a small part of a big picture, but something we can all comprehend and hopefully make for interesting reading...fingers crossed for some warm sunshine soon 🌞




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